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DIAGONALConsulting is composed of a team of economists and lawyers, all highly qualified, extensively experienced professionals.

Our team comes from multiple sectors (food, service, industrial, distribution, pharmaceutical ...) with experience in national and multinational environments, and with a highly service-focused vocation in all areas of Business Management.

One of the differentiating factors of DIAGONALConsulting is that all partners have extensive senior executive career experience in leading companies, with particular focus in the management and leadership of multinationals, as well as small/medium-sized companies.

Thanks to our highly international vocation, we are present in various parts of the world, ready to assist you in any project regardless of the size.

Our vast experience and know-how is put at the service of our clients so as to help improve profitability, both at director level (interim, coaching, outsourcing) and more specific levels for projects aimed, for example, at the financial structure and control of the KPI’s, business strategy, process optimization, cost containment, restructuring, improving in every case the bottom line of your trading account.

Also, we do everything in a clear and straightforward way, without unnecessary technicalities or ambiguity. The principle of the exclusivity of our services underlines all our activities, treating each assignment as unique. We do not have "standard solutions for standard problems".